• Stealing your data 

Every virus has a specific purpose. Spying on you is one of them. Stealing your bank account details is second. So, it’s very important to remove them. Virus removal becomes your necessity not just a luxury.

  • Spamming your Emails

Some viruses will send spam emails from your email. It can cause great harm to your reputation. Therefore, removing such viruses is very crucial.

  • Antivirus is Not Enough

If you think, you have an Antivirus and you are safe, then you are wrong. Antivirus is not infallible. The Antivirus might not always detect all the infections.

Viruses keep on changing. They update at a very fast rate. You might not be aware, but you are already infected. Your ignorance can cause you a lot of harm.

Having an antivirus is not enough. Some viruses come in the disguise of the Antivirus only.

The antivirus are not infallible , in some cases do not detect all infections , this is because the ” viruses ” are constantly changing and sometimes strike date systems or already compromised by exploiting security holes or software updated. Our virus removal service can remove all types of infections and restore the correct functioning of the computer, the service includes the installation of an updated antivirus and the main security patches. The virus removal is a service that we can carry out the same day or next day after delivery in the laboratory. Don’t wait until it’s too late! a compromised computer can cause many problems.


  • Restore Your Computer

Our team of professionals helps in removing all infections. We also restore the correct functioning of your computer. Updated Antivirus is also installed. We also give you Updated security patches.

  • Optimized Computers

We not only remove the virus but also make it disinfected and optimized. Our affordable virus removal service will give you a fast and optimized computer.

  • Same Day Delivery

You don’t have to wait as we give speedy delivery. As soon as we receive your computer, we remove the virus and then optimize it.

 Finally, we give you a same-day delivery. We ensure that we repair the damage. We also guarantee constant results over time.

  • We offer a great and affordable virus removal service. We are able to return your computer to you completely clean, disinfected and optimized.
  • All the processes we deal with are carried out both to repair the damage indicated and to guarantee a constant result over time.
  • We update your system, optimize it, clean it and return it in perfect condition.


  • Backup Activity

Before starting the virus removal process, we set up a backup. Therefore, we always have updated backup copies to keep the system secure.

  • Scanning Your Computer

The second step is scanning. We scan your computer thoroughly.  We scan with powerful Anti-virus that is also specific in purpose. Manual scanning is also conducted.

  • Removal of Virus

Once we scan your computer thoroughly for all the malicious software, we start eliminating them.  Firstly, we remove it on several fronts. Secondly, manual removal is done. Subsequently, we clean your computer from all viruses.

  • Installation of Antivirus

Once the virus removal is completed, we install the best antivirus. Your safety is our priority.We also ensure that firewalls block any further intrusions.

  • Optimizing your Computer

Finally, we optimize your computer and make it perfect.  We carry out other operations such as updates, reviewing existing antivirus, etc.


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We give you a clean, fast, optimized, and virus-free computer. We give you same-day delivery so you don’t have to wait. 

An infected computer can give you a lot of problems. Not just your safety but also your privacy is at stake. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us today!

  • We will then proceed to the elimination of the virus on several fronts thorough scanning with a powerful and specific anti-virus, manual removal and subsequent cleaning of the computer.
  • Once the removal is finished, we operate the safety with the installation of the best antivirus and firewall to block any other possible external intrusion.
  • Finally, the virus removal intervention will end with other operations depending on the activity and its needs, such as installing security updates, reviewing the antivirus present, etc.

We can return your computer to you in 24 hours, clean, disinfected and optimized. In fact, all our interventions are carried out both to remedy the damage indicated and to guarantee a lasting result over time. Removing viruses from computers is a very important task, as it restores the computer to a “normal” state: you will acquire the initial speed of execution of programs and operating system and above all you will be able to protect your privacy, which this kind of programs damages.