Hard Drive Upgrade


Hard drives have a lot of moving parts and in constant use. They can easily malfunction. If this happens, it can leave your computer out of commission.

Then, your computer starts freezing, and you cannot find space for your media. Hard drive replacement can be very expensive. An upgrade is an affordable and easy option.

  1. Speed is the essence

Today time is precious. We need everything fast and at the click of our fingertips. So, upgrading your hard drive is the best option available.

Your computer will start faster and large files will also be loaded faster. Further, the load time on games will be shortened.

  1. Improve Copying time

A hard drive upgrade will improve your file copying time. It also makes your duplicating time lesser.

With an upgraded hard drive, you can copy-paste any item within seconds. What earlier used to take hours can now be resolved within minutes.


Firstly, a reader is chosen that fits your needs and budget. The choice is between a traditional hard drive and an SSD.

SSD (Solid State Drive) is faster in processing. They are a worthy update. SSD will improve the speed and efficiency of your computer. But, SSDs become expensive when you have spent a terabyte of storage space.

On the other hand, conventional hard drives are slow but offer high storage. Their storage space is relatively cheaper. CO Springs Computer repair helps you in giving the advantages of both hard drives and SSDs.

Your PC starts up faster, loads apps and large files faster, and cuts load times in most games. The problem is, once you have spent a terabyte of storage space, SSDs become extremely expensive. Conventional hard drives are also slower, but offer huge amounts of relatively inexpensive storage. You can find desktop drives that can hold four terabytes, which is enough to satisfy all but the most demanding users for under $ 100. You can also combine the advantages of solid state drives and hard drives. This is where we come up with your services.


  1. Choosing to upgrade to SSD

It’s always helpful to have multiple drives. We help in installing your primary drive on your SSD. It ensures fast access to programs. Then, we use the traditional hard drive for storage.

So, you upgrade to a new SSD for your operating system. Also, you downgrade your hard drive for storage purposes. In this way, you get both speed and storage.

  1. Multi-tetra byte SSD

If money isn’t a restraint, multi tetra byte SSD is a good option. It provides efficiency, turbo speed, and turbo storage.

  1. M.2 Storage

M.2 drives look like a RAM stick. They plug into a dedicated slot. But you need to determine if your computer supports them. Mostly Macbook uses M.2 storage. Think before replacing them in Macbooks as it voids the warranty.

If money isn’t an object or you’re limited to just one drive connection in your laptop, you can spend a lot to get a multi-terabyte SSD. But for most people, a smaller SSD combined with a larger hard drive is a good compromise. Hard drives are generally available in two sizes: 2.5 “and 3.5”. 3.5 inch drives are also known as “full size” or “desktop drives”. Almost all desktop computers can accommodate at least one 3.5-inch drive (and sometimes several).


So, DON’T WAIT AND CALL US NOW. We give you the best affordable options for a hard drive update. You will not have to worry about anything. We also help you in choosing the best drive which fits your computer needs.

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If you are interested in M.2 drives, you will need to determine if your PC supports them. Some laptops, like Macbooks, use an M.2 storage drive which requires model-specific instructions for replacement. . This often voids the warranty. As they have become smaller and more stylish, laptops have also struggled to modernize. Most laptops that aren’t super-tiny still use 2.5-inch drives, but they may or may not have an accessible drive bay for upgrades: cheaper, larger laptops and few models professionals.