We also provide you services at your convenience and your location. Also, our reliable tech support providers ensure that your computer is repaired within no time.


Co Springs Computer Repair provides technical support in and around Colorado Springs, Colorado. We believe in not only fixing your computer but also providing technical support. The computer repair skills of Co Springs Computer Repair are tried and tested for the past 9 years.


We also provide you the much-needed IT assistance. We also assist not just for individuals but also for businesses. If you are looking for an IT assistance plan for your university or school, then we are there for you. Our hourly Assistant packages are the most popular. 

Well it also depends a lot on the real needs you have. Our technicians are able to advise you on which road to choose in respect of costs. CO Springs Computer Repair Computer Service Center arranges IT assistance contracts that are advantageous for companies and individuals, IT assistance contracts for schools, universities, public and private entities. We have hourly Assistance packages with shifting hours, annual packages, periodic coupons package and customized IT repair assistance packages based on every need.


We offer all the services related to your computer repair. Earlier, there were only a few, but more services have been added to our bucket subsequently.

  • Computer Repair and Assistance
  • Peripherals
  • Hardware Errors
  • Software Issues
  • Printers
  • LAN Networks
  • Remote Supports
  • Telephone backing
  • Emergency Helpline
  • Costing and reducing your expenditure assistance
  • Clarifications and support during service contracts related to the Computer Assistance Center
  • IT Repair assistance packages

Why should you choose us?

Industry veterans

Our certified experienced technicians give you the best solution. We diagnose, troubleshoot, and then repair your desktop or laptop. It is all done at your convenience. Afterward, we also follow-up for any post issues.


Latest technology

Our latest updated technologies provide the best resolution for your business. Our speed, professionalism, and also our efficiency speak for themselves. We also have advanced diagnostic and test software for in-depth checking for both hardware and software issues.


Software Updates

Sometimes PC becomes slow due to outdated software’s. We carry out a continuous software update to keep you on top of your field.


Hardware Updates

Not just software, but also the hardware components need updating. Our technical team also provides the upgrade of the outdated components of your hardware.


IT Assistance Contracts

We offer the best advice on which road to choose for the cost of your IT services. IT Assistance contracts are provided by us. They guide you with annual packages, periodic coupon packages, shifting hours, and much more simultaneously.


Co Springs Computer Repair knows the value of money. We help you in choosing the lowest costs for making the highest profits. Our hourly assistance packages are most popular. If you have other needs, you can also select your customized package.


If your computer is down, don’t worry and just call CO SPRINGS COMPUTER REPAIR Now. We will be available for you any time for your convenience. Call us today!

Our PC repair services offered are of high standards and quality, whenever a computer or one of its components does not work correctly, not allowing the overall good functioning of the machine we are able to identify and isolate the problem by providing at the same time repair when possible or replace it with an equivalent spare part, also providing for the implementation. Often the various malfunctions or slowdowns of the system do not depend on the breakage of a component but on its obsolete software version for this reason we are also available to carry out pc hardware and software updates for those who believe they are not personally able or want the certainty of a well thought out and carried out update so as not to make mistakes and not to risk any loss of important data or malfunctions possibly caused from incorrect execution.

The update can also be carried out on the hardware through an upgrade of the components present with others with better and more recent characteristics and quality, a service that can be performed from the choice of the component to be replaced to the actual implementation. Hardware through an upgrade of the components present with others with better and more recent characteristics and quality, a service that can be performed from the choice of the component to be replaced to the actual implementation.