Professional Data Recovery Services for recovering your Lost Data

Mistakenly deleting data is fatal. So, it can leave you helpless. Do not feel vulnerable anymore. We recover data from all types of storage media. You name it, and we do it.


Data recovery is our expertise. It is done specifically for USB pen drives, memory cards, mobile phones, hard disks, Raid systems, and much more. 


We give our excellent Data Recovery Service throughout the national territory. So, we deliver speedy shipments by express courier.

Diagnosis and estimate for damaged support are free and NOT binding. A first examination in the laboratory will establish the feasibility or otherwise of the recovery and a quote will be produced. If the customer is satisfied with the quote, the next step will be the list of recoverable files. Also in this case, the Customer will have to establish whether among the files in the list there are those necessary for him and can then decide whether to proceed with the recovery.

How Does The Data Recovery Process Work?




We make a diagnosis for the damaged part of the storage media. Then, you will get an estimate. 


Therefore, The estimate is based on the initial examination. Moreover, the diagnosis and estimate are free. They also do not bind you under any obligation. 


Contact us today for your free estimation.




We establish the viability of the recovery at our laboratory. Once the initial viability studies, a quote is given. But, the quote is in no way under any binding to the client.

Hard Disk

We recover data for all mechanical, logical, electronic failures in hard disk data. Apart from that, we also recover from formatted data, deleted data, and damaged partitions. We give results on hard disks of any shape, size, or brand.

USB Hard Disk

We repair and recover all models and sizes of USB HARD Drives. We deal specifically with smartphones, computers, cameras, etc.


We handle complex systems like Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 0 + 1, Raid 5, and even Raid 10.


Data recovery is possible for NAS drives. We give you the best results for NAS drives. We do it, regardless of the configuration or operating system.

USB Pen Drive

We also carry out the data recovery for all the USB pen drives. It's both for electronic problems and physical damage. We will fix your USB Pen Drive even if your PC no longer recognizes it.

Memory Card

We repair and recover all models and sizes of memory cards. We deal specifically with smartphones, mobiles, cameras, etc.


Today, everyone has a Smartphone. If your vital data gets erased from your smart, we will recover it for you. We deal with all types of operating systems. We specifically deal with iOS I-phone, Android Smartphone, Windows Phone, Lumia, and Blackberry.

CD and DVD

We are able to recover lost data from all optical media such as CDs and DVDs, even if they have damage or scratches on the surfaces.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

We recover data from SSD (Solid State Drive) and all storage media. Free diagnosis and estimate without obligation. Contact us now!

Why should YOU CHOOSE US?


  • We give free estimates even in urgent and critical cases.
  • Our estimates are purely free of cost and non-binding on the client. You don’t have to pay anything.
  • Therefore, Recovery of your files at the lowest cost is done.
  • Within 24 hours of receiving the drive at our Laboratory, we review it. Then, we give you the quote.
  • After the recovery of data, we send you the recovered data and device immediately.
  • Our experts ensure maximum recovery of lost data.




If you have any damaged storage device and feeling helpless with no data, Call Co Springs Computer Repair now. We are always there at your service. Call us today!