“CO Springs Computer Repair” is the most trusted brand in Colorado Springs. 

We are your local doctor for computers. We have been delivering our services for many years, especially in Colorado Springs.


Our clientele is made up of both individuals and homes. We also solve the IT concerns of all our customers. In addition to computer repair, maintenance is our specialty.



Our main objective is to give the best service to our customers. We excel in the repair, virus removal, and assembly of computer parts. We also provide IT with assistance. Our experts help you with understanding the working of any software.


  • Specialized Team

We have a team of highly specialized technicians. Also, our team is 24×7 accessible to our clients. We have an extensive portfolio of happy customers. Moreover, our customer’s happy feedback speaks for us.


  • Customized Packages

Apart from being available 24×7, we also give affordable packages and plans. We offer hourly packages. You can also get a package customized according to your needs.


  • Up-To-Date Technology

Our laboratory is always up to date. Moreover, our quality standards are the highest in the industry.

Thus, your computer and laptop are in safe hands when with us.


  • Computer Repair Services

For the convenience of our clients, we offer many packages. So, they are both flexible and pocket friendly.  Not just repairing but windows installation and hard drive recovery service is also provided by our team of experts. 

From passion to a true vocation, our company aims to offer you its services in repair, installation, assembly of computers and advice. Having had good experience in the industry for several years, our company is setting up on Rives to promote local commerce and offer a trusted, available and rigorous interlocutor to repair your computer.


You name the problem, and we have the solution to it. We have earned medals for our service. 



We believe in expertise, integrity, and quality. Therefore, we take your computer repairs and restorations as our top priority. 

Providing our customers with the best solutions is our motto.



We never give up on your personal computer until we get it back to its best condition. 

We service many different brands, such as HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, IBM, Gateway, Sony, custom systems, and more. Our unique services are:

  • Repairing your Microsoft Windows personal computers
  • Repairing your Apple iMac and Mac book computers
  • Data recovery
  • Viruses, Spyware, Adware, and Ransom-ware Removal
  • Screen replacement
  • Software Installation
  • Establishment of WiFi for business and general public
  • Checkout system for businesses
  • Home automation
  • Home alarm and security systems

Not just repair, but maintenance is also our specialty. Our happy customers speak for our exceptional experience.

How It Works

You can get the best onsite tech support from CO Springs Computer repair in only three easy steps.

We are just a call away from you. So, call us and get a free request today!


  1. CALL US

Get in touch with CO Springs Computer Repair.


  1. Scheduling your appointment

Get your queries resolved immediately. Thus, Connect with our team and fix an appointment.


  1. Get Fast Resolution

Our team of professionals will visit your place and then resolve all your issues.



With our vast experience, we are now setting up a unit on Rives. It will promote local commerce. 

Also, it will become a trusted interlocutor for computer repairing services. 

We provide our services to both consumers and small businesses. Get in touch with us today!